One week to Massafra

It will be the first meeting of our transnational partnership in one weeks time.... delgates from Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia and the UK will be heading for Massafra in Southern Italy. It is not before time that we meet!! What is so exciting is meeting with partners for the first, getting to know them and not just their email! Applying to Erasmus+ has been a long and difficult road, and I doubt would have happened were it not for the tireless work of Vita in Massafra. This meeting will be a celebration of months of online discussions, sending documents back and forward, re-writing, sharing pictures and starting the local work will will all share.

The project

will become easier when we know each other, can recognise the face behind the email. we will be able to talk and plan with confidence, share our respective project successes and difficulties.

Exciting times.................

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