Associazione Culturale-Progetto Musica Valeria Martina


The association is a nonprofit cultural small body. The area of its specific expertise is Art, specifically Music.    


Since the year of its foundation, 2003, it has gained great credit in Puglia, but also beyond the national borders, thanks to its work.  It organizes different events such as an international  multidisciplinary Music competition and the  “Festival of Music and Arts”, a big container of arts , exhibitions, master, trainings. The association is primarily aimed at the dissemination of culture and music through research, promotion and development of young talents. Its staff has founded a chamber orchestra made up mostly of young women, who have the chance of performing in an area where it's difficult to get the opportunity of playing music, especially if you are young and female. It cooperates with other associations of the territory, schools and public bodies to fulfill its goals, organizing concerts, masters, laboratories, workshops. Just to name the most notable ones, the Association cooperates with the CPIA (Province Centre for Adults Education) and the ONLUS Caritas Christi in organizing workshops, as spaces of encounter and exchange between people belonging to different cultures and languages, aimed to the physical and mental wellbeing of participants, integration and co-existence through the music language; it organizes concerts to collect money for charity or to solicit people in hospital.


The Association was one of the most active partner of the Grundtvig project WECAN (2011-13). The project WECAN built a framework among education and voluntary bodies, in order to cooperate in the field of integration policies. Music was the medium to promote integration  both among the same group  and among the different partners' groups which built up cross-national choirs and orchestras during mobilities.


The staff of the Association is built up of the president, Vita Maria Torelli, an English teacher, interpreter and expert in making projects; the Art director, Mirella Sasso, teacher of violin, orchestra and choir conductor, composer; the secretary and webmaster, Vito Marsico. The Association is in the list of Puglia Region official associations. 



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