The project "Learning Paths Across History, Traditions and Society wants to start a new and different, way of practicing inclusion. Migrants, refugees,disabled people, elderly are often "excluded" from social living ways by creating something just for them: learning courses for them, cultural paths for them, places for them in which the presence and the work of the "others", the so-called normal, is just a fact of leadership, coordination, temporary engagement.  Through the present project we want to create a stable cooperation between schools, associations , government agencies, voluntary, because the human rights education can move from single  and temporary interventions to a continuous joint action in order to start  the way for a real opportunity for self-affirmation of the weaker ones. Each partner will put in action learning and cultural opportunities, using Arts and Performing Arts, especially Music, to promote and foster learning as well as social inclusion and a new citizenship. Arts will be the medium to learn about history, cultural identity,  language of the country where learners, both native and newcomers, live by involving them in long- lasting lab activities. In particular in the first year labs will be on The Nature Life Cycle: folk rituals and festivities linked to seasons, weather, harvest... In the second year we'll exploit The Humans' Life Cycle: folk rituals and festivities linked to life and death, divinity, the supernatural....Participation in mobility activities will provide opportunities for individuals to gain new knowledge, skills and cultural competences.  It is evident that there are universal benefits of mobility; the achievements for those with fewer opportunities can be considered to be life changing. 




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